User Testimonials

User TestimonialsWOW!! absolutely fantastic macro tool!! ...
Simply by pressing Win+Space, I can access an infinite number of tags i have created, quickly inserting lines of text with just a few keystrokes.

Josh R
I am a writer/translator and this program makes it easy to access some Text Typing/Editing Windows features in a matter of seconds, and therefore saving you a lot of time.

My favourite features:
Language Switcher, with “Current Language Flag”
Clipboard Manager
On-Screen Keyboard, for easy Shortcut Key setup

Being a multi-functional tool it will probably take some time to master, but is a definite keeper.

ideal for umpc without keyboard, far better than standard windows onscreen kb which came with my asus r2h. Now using small mini keyboard great! thanks!

For somebody who has no experience setting up or using ‘hotkeys’, this program and programs like it can look pretty intimidating. But when this site offered Direct Access, creating shortcuts to just about everything, it looked easy enough that I downloaded and tried it….and now I can’t imagine how I ever worked and played without them. Even my husband uses hotkeys….and it usually takes him ten years to try anything new. This program offered today is going to allow me to do so much more and all without constantly having to input the same information or clicking the same series of buttons time after time after time, I am so looking forward to getting everything set up. One two hotkeys and I’ll be doing what I want to be doing, not waiting to press five more buttons or to input this or that bit of information to open the program, I think that’s great!!!
For all you newbies out there, give this program a try, once you get comfortable using it you’ll wonder why you didn’t try hotkeys sooner.

Comfort Keys looks like a very helpful bundle of utilities, though I’ll have to work with it for a while before deciding on its usability. It certainly seems worth trying. Those of you who commented that Windows enables shortcut hotkeys should recognize that this utility packages the shortcut keys more conveniently, and offers much more besides.

I avoid shortcut-key program and macro launchers (such as Launchy and Clavier) because I can’t remember all the shortcut key combinations. Today’s giveaway enables the Windows key, and offers an on-screen keyboard “cheat sheet” that should help a lot. It even reminds you of the shortcuts for various specific applications.

Also, I use a free clipboard manager (such as ArsClip or Clipboard Help+Spell) both for multiple copy/paste operations and for boilerplate (what Comfort Keys calls “templates”). But I see an advantage in splitting the clipboard and boilerplate functions into two modules of one utility; both seem to be quite versatile.

First program I have had time to download, install & use. Limited use to photos only. It found images that had been downloaded as many as 5 separate times! Compared all images listed & all were identical. Left earliest image, checked later download dates for deletion, later emptied from Recycle Bin duplicates not needed. This program allowed me to reclaim over 15% of one drive alone, just from photo pic downloads. Be sure to verify files prior to emptying Recycle Bin. Very useful program for me.

I am SOOOOOOO grateful….yes the text stuff is a great time saver but for me (one who looks at the keyboard to type) the hotkeys to change ALL my mistakenly typed capital letters (and vise versa) is an absolute blessing. Maybe Windows had it or some other program but I never knew about them. I am one very happy person.

I have bounced around from onscreen keyboard to onscreen keyboard trying to find the best one. I went from the Windows Onscreen keyboard to Click-N-Type to this one. I need to use an onscreen keyboard because I have no use of my hands. I use a sip & puff mouth controlled mouse called a quadjoy, I love this.

Jeremy Dickinson
:) Yesss! Finally found an application to be able to Paste-As-Text in MS Office apps. I just setup a hotkey Ctrl-Shift-V to paste as text… perfect! Thank you

It has inbuilt keystrokes macro recorder and editor too, this tool is pretty cool!

Thank you

Chris De David
Professional program, better than most of those we’ve been seeing lately. Going to need some time to check out all its features.

Sloppy Joe