Complete list of Comfort Keys Features

Comfort Keys actions

Run program
Open URL
Play keystroke macro
Connect/Disconnect from a network
Block key or shortcut
Replace key or shortcut
Show Clipboard Manager
Show/Hide On-Screen Keyboard
Activate the Next Keyboard Type
Paste text from Templates
Show the keyboard shortcuts settings window
Activate the next Keyboard Shortcuts file
Open the task switching window showing open documents and running applications
Show the list of recently launched programs
Show the desktop with hot keys

Audio control

Volume up
Volume down
Volume on/off
Eject/Close CD Door
Change the default playback device
Change the default recording device

Monitor control

Monitor power off
Monitor power on
Start screen saver
Display Settings

Window control

Minimize the active window
Maximize/Restore the active window
Close the active window
Hide the active window
Show the last hidden window
Minimize the active window to the system tray
Set the active window as always-on-top (on/off)

System actions

Open window "Safely Remove Hardware"
Open Control Panel
Open properties "Date and time"
Open Internet Properties
Map Network Drive
Disconnect Network Drive
Empty recycle bin

Change language or case

Change the input language of the lastly typed characters
Change the input language of the selected text
Switch the input language
Change all the selected text to UPPER CASE
Change all the selected text to lower case
Change all the selected text to iNVERT cASE
Change all the selected text to Sentence case.
Capitalize Each Word of the selected text


Lock this computer
Log Off
Shut Down
Show Shut Down Dialog