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Your personal safe Clipboard Manager in Windows

Now you don't have to worry that copying one thing will erase something else! It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to paste any selected fragment again. The clipboard contents will be saved, even in the case of Windows crash or power failure.

“…Comfort Clipboard is an extremely handy software that keeps your clipped data always ready-to-use. It has many features that other clipboard software doesn’t, especially the ‘autosave’ feature which is very helpful in case you turn off your computer and need your clipped data from the last session after reboot – you can find them into the program…”


What is Comfort Clipboard used for?

1. When you type text in an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome) or an IM client (ICQ, Windows Live Messenger), you don't usually have a function to save it - simply because there is no such button as "Save text in the input field". Have you faced a situation when a huge text you've just typed instantly goes away and there's no way to recover it?

Solution: Select all the text (you can do it using the Сtrl+A combination) and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Comfort Clipboard will automatically save the text to the disk, so if your browser hangs up or the browser window is inadvertently closed, you text will not be lost.

2. You need to paste a piece of text that has complex formatting (bold, underlined, italicized fonts) in a plain text format? It's especially important when you need to paste text from your browser.

Solution: Open the clipboard manager and select Paste as Plain text. The text will be pasted without formatting.

3. You've been working hard, got tired and turned your computer off. Next time you turn it back on - surprise! All the frequently used phrases are back, all screenshots and images are in place as well. There is no need to re-do your yesterday's work.

4. You are filling out similar forms. All the fields are almost the same: Name, Address, Website. You need to type the same text again and again.

Solution: Copy these values to the clipboard one after another. Then open the program window to see all the lines in a list right in front of your eyes. Now feel free to browse the sites and click the Paste button next to the necessary fragment or just drag text fragments into the necessary fields. You can further simplify these operations by placing the frequently used fragments into the Favorites folder.

5. You want to get the HTML code of a specific element of a page in your browser

Solution: Copy the necessary fragment to the Windows clipboard and select the Insert text in the HTML format command in the clipboard manager.

6. Comfort Clipboard has plenty of useful functions that you'll definitely appreciate: automatic saving to the disk, unlimited number of saved elements, preview window, full information on each element and much, much more.

! Comfort Clipboard is also available as part of Comfort Keys which also includes Comfort On-Screen Keyboard.

The software is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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The maximum number of fragments stored in the clipboard history100No Limit
Storing: An ability to configure the clipboard data directory
Data encryption
A preview area for clipboard history fragments
Formats: an ability to paste the contents of the Windows clipboard in a predefined format
Filtering: an ability to filter fragments of the clipboard viewver
Favorites: an ability to configure the favorites fragments of the clipboard viewver
Editing: an ability to edit text fragments
Hotkeys: an ability to assign a hotkey for any fragment
Hiding: an ability to name fragments (for example, giving a name to a password)
Themes: an ability to configure interface themes
Sounds: an ability to assign sounds to program events
Colors: an ability to configure theme colors
Support: priority technical support
The program toolbar in the Windows taskbar
Exceptions: an ability to specify applications in which Comfort Clipboard will be disabled
Price$ 9.95$ 19.95
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Current Version: 9.0.4
Date: 11-Jan-2018
File Size: 6.00 MB
Download: cc_setup.exe

Windows Clipboard Viewer
Windows Clipboard Viewer

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Transparent Clipboard Viewer

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